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Paul Gravette is an entrepreneur & venture capitalist with a proven record of success in developing business strategies that drive long-term exponential growth and profits…


Meet Paul Gravette

Paul Gravette is the co-founder and CEO of Le-Vel Brands, LLC. Their Le-Vel Cloud Management system is a state of the art, ultra-efficient operations infrastructure system. It allows Le-Vel to operate with the lowest corporate overhead and yet have one of the fastest response and problem-solving operating systems in the market.

Over the last 20+ years he has redefined entrepreneurship, successfully transforming small startups into lucrative, thriving businesses. He has a proven track record for delivering exponential growth to a wide range of industries and startups through proprietary branding, resources, innovative marketing, and sustainable distribution programs.

Giving Back

Paul has incorporated giving back initiatives through his businesses to provide support for a variety of non-profit organizations throughout the U.S.

• For the third consecutive year Le-Vel Brands has donated part of their Derma Fusion Technology proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, with more than $730,000 going to the organization.

• He and his wife LeighAnn are personally involved in Cul2vate, which seeks to feed the hungry by growing food and growing people.

• They are also involved with the Currey Ingram Academy in Brentwood, TN, an exemplary K-12-day school that empowers students with learning differences to reach their full potential.

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5G: An Internet liked Greased Lightning

The appetite for speed is seen in automobiles, airplanes, trains, and motorcycles, in our daily lives, from faster meals, cleaning products, sports, even speed dating. And then there’s electronics. From primitive dial-up to today’s 4G, businesses and private users are constantly demanding ever quicker response times – and the industry is responding.

A much-hyped network upgrade called “5G” is on the horizon.

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Paul’s Travels:

Rome, Italy:

From its ancient roots as an empire to the beauty of the Renaissance, Rome is a magnificent city…