Super Bowl Recipes and Entertaining

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This weekend is the culmination of 17 weeks of sweat, blood, tears, and a lot of
great Sunday food . . . also known as Super Bowl Sunday. This is the weekend
where you pull out all the stops in the food and drink department. The weekend
you’ve been working toward and practicing for all week. You’ve got a ton of
dishes to choose from that are geared specifically toward the Super Bowl, but
I’ve narrowed it down to the must haves to ensure you have nothing short of a
stellar Sunday. These are dishes that are sure to be game-day winners this
weekend. Make one or all of these and you’re set for success.

You can’t go wrong with chicken wings – the sheer versatility of the dish makes it
a fan favorite for all groups. You can go spicy, sweet, or BBQ – no matter what
you choose, there’s no wrong choice! Plus, anything mobile that doesn’t require a
fork and knife will score brownie points.

Jalapeno poppers are a must have in my house, but what’s even better is turning
it into a dip. Familiar flavors with a hint of a kick that you can scoop with a chip . .
. it doesn’t get much better than that!

Spinach and artichoke dip in a slow cooker is one that will have your guests
going back for more! It’s something you can set and forget which makes set up
that much easier. Serve with crackers or sliced bread.

Potato skins are the perfect carb to soak up all those game day libations. You
can dress them up with sour cream, bacon bits, tomatoes, and chives. Bottom
line . . . there’s something for everyone and the possibilities are endless! You
can even turn it into an interactive bar for people to mix and match.

Meatballs may not be what your guests are expecting at your Super Bowl party,
but we can guarantee they won’t be disappointed. Classic Italian turkey
meatballs will be devoured before kickoff, and they’re simple enough to keep
simmering until needed.

If you’re handy behind the bar, don’t shy away from a craft cocktail. Extra points
for a football themed drink! Either way, your guests will appreciate the thought
you put into rounding out the experience.

Last, but certainly not least, is dessert! From cupcakes to brownies, to cookies,
there’s no wrong answer; just don’t skimp on the desserts! Top the meal with
something sweet and it won’t matter whether your team won or lost, all your
guests will remember is the amazing night you provided.

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