Positano, Italy

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Travel Destination: Positano, Italy

Known for its scenic vistas, amazing food, and culture, Italy has long been a destination location. It’s meant for romance-seekers, foodies, and adventurers alike. Positano, located just south of Naples along the Amalfi Coast, is a true gem.

Make no mistake about it. When you travel to Positano, the first thing you’ll notice is the breathtaking natural beauty of this part of Italy. It is truly a sight to behold. It’s no wonder why celebrities like George Clooney and Julia Roberts treasure the serenity of the cliffs and coastline. 

With a mild Mediterranean climate of warm summers and mellow winters, there really is never a bad time to visit Positano. It’s white sandy beaches offer explorers and vacationers just the relaxation and adventure they’re seeking.

Staying in Positano

There are many wonderful hotels and Air BnBs to stay at in Positano, but one of my personal favorites is Villa Tre Ville.

Villa Tre Ville is a 5-Star hotel, spread between four villas. Each of the suites offer a unique blend of carefree comfort and attention to detail. You will be sure to have a wonderful stay.

Dining in Positano

Be prepared, friends. The cuisine here is to nearly die for. Whether you go to Da Vincenzo (a 5-star location and one of the oldest restaurants in Positano), or Da Adolfo (a restaurant only reachable by boat), you will be sure to have a wonderful time.

Positano is known for some of the best Italian, seafood, and Mediterranean dishes in the world- so go with an appetite, and leave feeling amazed.

Adventure in Positano

Many people don’t know this, but the main Positano beach is not the only beach. The beach you see in everyone’s photos and the one you arrive at if you come by ferry is Marina Grande.

If you value a little more privacy, a short walk will take you to a much lesser known beach, Fornillo Beach. It’s a bit smaller, but still easy to get a spot on the sand.

If you are a lover of the sea, Fiordo di Furore is also a must-visit. It’s located in the small town of Furore, just past Positano and is one of the top Positano attractions.  

If you’re seeking a little adventure, Positano is a great place to snorkel or scuba dive. A series of very unique and quiet coves and grottos can be found along the Coast of Amalfi, Sorrento, and Capri Island. The clarity of the water is perfect for these activities.

As with any coastal location, you can also SUP, Kayak, and more!


The Amalfi Coast is known for it's handmade clothing and shoes. In the village center, there are tons of clothing boutiques, souvenir shops, ceramic shops, and art galleries. Positano is filled with dozens of stores that will make you want to come back with whole other suitcase packed full of new possessions.

Art and Culture

If you love art, there are a handful of art galleries in the city center that you can visit. When you are wandering around the streets of Positano be sure to visit some of them - you’ll be glad you did!

Most of the art galleries in Positano open around 10am and stay open till sunset. Positano is also very small so if you come upon a gallery you want to visit that is closed, just circle back later and it will likely be open.

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Touring Positano

The Church of Santa Maria or in Italian “Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta” is a picturesque, Catholic church located very close to the beach, in the heart of Positano. It is free to enter, and is absolutely worth visiting.

Take in the spiritual calm that comes to you with taking a few minutes out of your day and sit in silence and reflect on how lucky you are to be in such a beautiful spot on earth. 

Positano in itself is the perfect walking city, so be sure to dress appropriately. Feel free to spend hours wandering the winding roads of the village. You can also explore the beach paths that end up at the watch tour castles. Pretty incredible, right?

It goes without saying that every step brings something new and exciting.

As you travel through Positano, you’ll find that the charm town is simply intoxicating.

As always, safe traveling, and enjoy Positano!

Carly Layne