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Paul is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. In his more than 20-year career he’s taken a number of businesses from small startups to profitable national and multinational concerns with billions of dollars in sales. He’s done all that and more through his intimate knowledge of marketing, branding, distribution, and sales.

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Selling Your Way to Wealth is an introductory yet informative guide to building wealth by increasing your income through Paul’s proven sales techniques. It’s filled with tips and advice on closing the deal, from preparing for a sales presentation to what to do during and after the sale is complete.

Subjects Covered include:

• Increasing your success rate

• Learning about a prospect’s business

• Getting to the right decision maker

• Discovering the customer’s needs

And much more!

Future guides will cover individual topics in depth, ranging from The Power of Income Producing Activities to Enhancing Your Skills and other techniques that are proven to help you as a salesperson, entrepreneur, or business owner.

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