Saying “No” At the Right Time

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I encourage each and every one of you daily to say, “yes;” to open your mind and your heart to success, wealth, happiness and freedom. I push you to fight for your “why” and be honest in the mirror every morning and every night. I truly believe that your mind is your most powerful tool and when set in a positive direction, a “yes” direction, you can achieve great things. However, it’s equally important to know when it’s OK to say “no.” There are key questions I use to help me decide when it’s time to use the dreaded n-word. Use these questions when you’re faced with a decision or use them each month as a personal check in.

How often are you saying “yes?” To become a successful person, you have to say, “yes” to a lot of experiments and experiences. You’ve got to throw a lot against the wall before something sticks! But once your life shifts and you feel that you’re behind the wheel in the driver’s seat, it’s time to know when to say, “no.” Saying, “yes” to too many things will bury you and make you less impactful. Don’t let yourself drown in commitments.
Are you making or managing? In other words, are your proactive or reactive? Great creative work isn’t possible if you’re trying to piece together 30 minutes here or 45 minutes there. If you’re maintaining, you’re not creating. Say “yes” to bigger projects that allow you to spread your creative wings and “no” to things that keep you chained to the creative hamster wheel.
Do you have too much of a good thing? In excess, most things take on the characteristics of their opposite. What was once making great things in your life possible, may now be the very thing preventing great things from happening. Get back to basics!
Are you fooling yourself with a plan for moderation?  In what areas of your life do you excel at moderation? Where do you indulge in an all or nothing approach? Where do you lack a shut off switch? It’s important to know where you fall. Know where you can moderate and where you cant.  
My challenge to you is this: write down your “what ifs.” Take a decision you’ve been putting off, and challenge your “what ifs.” If not now, when? Find the strength in yourself to say no when it matters the most.   

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