Nsider: Symphony Fashion Show Patrons Party

AUTHORS Nancy Floyd | www.nfocusnashville.com

The night before the Symphony Fashion Show, an intimate patrons party allowed devoted Symphony supporters to get up close and personal with featured designer Wes Gordon, the creative director behind the iconic Carolina Herrera brand. Wes, along with his mother, Diane, and this year's featured performer, Lauren Alaina, were on hand for the fabulous outdoor soirée at Leigh Ann and Paul Gravette's home, which was outfitted in cheerful pops of color by event planner Blair Laborde. Co-chairs Cynthia Arnholt and Allison Schaufele were lauded for their hard work, as everyone in the crowd eagerly anticipated what stylish surprises the fashion show would bring.

Photographer: Photographer: Susan Adcock

Paul Gravette