Thoughts on Productivity


Get focused, get excited, and demand the life you deserve!

1. End Each Day with Tomorrow in Mind!

It’s an obvious technique for those who have built great fortunes. They’re obsessed with knocking the ball out of the park the following day! Ending each day by preparing for the next is how I changed my financial life forever. Why? It’s cold dopamine! The chemistry in your brain changes when we’re excited about something! There’s nothing better than the excitement of KNOWING that you’re scheduled to kick butt the following day!

FACT: It’s not about how much money I make today, it’s about what I’m doing to make MORE in the days ahead.

FACT: 97% of everyone around us, especially family and friends, have no personal plans to move forward beyond the current life that they’re living. 

2. What we master at the TOP of our tasks, determines how much money we make AND how much our money will grow!

Even when I didn’t have any money, I was still excited about what I was planning to accomplish the following day. It became my game of life! Literally, I’d wake up in the middle of the night and write down income-producing tasks. Those tasks were ALWAYS at the top of my list for the next day!

3. Focus on creating the NEW YOU! And let others SEE you’re focused on making big things happen for your future!

Remember, it’s not your current position in life that matters. It’s your determination to become bigger and more successful that attracts others to notice that you’re on a mission to make it big! The more URGENT you become about tackling your daily task list, the more magnetism you emit, and the more others will admire and follow you!

4. Be the BOSS! Tasks are done when YOU want them to be done!

Believe it or not, it’s not about how much money we have that attracts others. It’s about people seeing that you’ve moved ahead without them! This is magnetism at its best! Anyone “on the go” is powerful. Just make sure where you’re going has been mastered by tasks that are income producing! But remember, the more you increase your tasks, the less time you have to spend on someone else! So, set time limits for each task and move forward!

5. Planning the FUN parts of each day!

In my early 20’s, I loved planning FUN times within my daily task list! Typically, I would schedule an hour break for lunch, an hour to exercise, and an hour to read to enhance my knowledge. I looked forward to these times in my daily schedule, as if they were a treat for my hard work!

FACT: You will begin to see explosive growth, in terms of money coming your way, if you focus on exact time slots for YOU and not others! Make sure your phone is turned off and that no one can distract you during these FUN moments! Focus on YOU!

6. Emails & Texts = 3x Daily!

Every time you email, text, or call... make sure your OUTGOING messages are 100% focused on growing your odds of success with those you’re connecting to! The financial death of most people today is their addiction to the ability to see anything on social media... and it does NOTHING for their personal time! Successful people avoid falling into the trap of keeping up with what everyone else is up to.

7. Reward and Punish Yourself!

Money is simply a numbers game. If you want more money, be honest with yourself and your daily tasks focused on “MMM” (making more money).  If you do not accomplish all of your daily tasks, make sure that the ONLY tasks that get added to tomorrow’s list are the tasks that will increase your wealth!

We’re all smart enough to train ourselves to be more productive! You will achieve “Income Producing Performance” when you consistently review, plan and set out to master your daily objectives. The faster you turn this technique in to an obsession, the faster you’ll reach your personal financial goals!

Get focused, get excited, and demand the life you deserve!

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