Introducing THRIVE Sculpt

I’m pleased to share with you the September’s edition of THRIVE Concept Labs. This month’s beta project focuses on the upcoming launch of THRIVE Sculpt.


I'm pleased to share with you the September's edition of THRIVE Concept Labs.

This month’s beta project focuses on the upcoming launch of THRIVE Sculpt.

Your Sculpt Beta pack samples are processing and will ship out today along with your autoship orders.

So What is Sculpt?

Sculpt is an amino acid blend, and it’s a formula that I have personally used for years in conjunction with my workouts to help encourage increased body definition through the support of lean muscle tissue.

Sculpt is great for wanting to drop inches, fit into smaller jeans/skirts, take your workouts to new levels, and achieve a leaner, more sculpted figure.


Your beta pack contains 4 servings (3 Sculpt capsules per serving). There are two ways I want you to experience Sculpt:

FIRST, I want you to take Sculpt with your THRIVE Men’s/Women’s capsules in the morning on an empty stomach.

Sculpt is intended to be incorporated with the THRIVE 123 Experience as the formulas compound and work together.

When taking Sculpt in the morning with your THRIVE Experience, you should feel more energy and focus.

The energy is not like the feeling you get from caffeine—it's more core centered energy from your metabolic rate increasing.

SECOND, I would like you to take Sculpt on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a workout.

In terms of the type of workout, I'm referring to activity that increases your heart rate and makes you sweat. This is where Sculpt really shines.

What you will notice during your workout is more vigor, stamina and endurance.

One final thing to note about Sculpt—although you will experience early benefits with this beta pack, Sculpt is not an “overnight” type of product.

Taking Sculpt for 10–14 days is where the real results start showing, with your inches and body's definition.

And mark my words, those of you who incorporate this product (once it's launched) into your THRIVE Experience and a workout routine will see noticeable differences in your leg, stomach, butt, and arm definition.

This product can truly “sculpt" you, but you’ve got to incorporate a little sweat into the equation.

Enjoy your beta samples and let me know what you think by posting your comments on social media with the hashtag #thriveinsider.

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