Bakers Bay

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The Bahamas are calling my name . . . and my wife and three boys as well! It’s
time for a brief break for the Gravette family! We’re saying “goodbye” to Nashville
and “hello” to the luxurious and private residential destination, Baker’s Bay Golf
and Ocean Club. What’s great about this picturesque resort is that while it’s
nearly always in the new, it somehow manages to fly well below the radar. It
serves as a retreat for celebrities, musicians, and athletes looking for a great
getaway. What’s even better: Baker’s Bay is one of golf’s greatest hideaways.
Nestled between the Sea of Abaco and the Atlantic Ocean, Baker’s Bay Golf &
Ocean Club is the Bahamas’ most exclusive members-only club community. The
property boasts nearly 600 acres, 6.5 miles of white sand beach, a family beach
club, restaurants, and a world-class spa and wellness center. There’s not much
more you could ask form, but the club somehow offers more!

As a private community, members are offered world-class services and
unparalleled amenities. You can spend your days indulging in as much or as little
adventure as you’d like. What’s great about the community, is the level of comfort
and relaxation you’ll feel from the moment you enter the property. Do you feel
like playing golf barefoot in board shorts sipping a cocktail? Go for it; just relax
and do your thing!

Now back to that golf course! Baker’s Bay is a six-year- old development from
Discovery Land Company, an outfit that’s also responsible for some of the
greatest golf communities in North America. The location is enough to make
Baker’s Bay stand out all on its own. How can you not feel the privacy and
exclusivity of a location only accessible by boat, seaplane, or helicopter?!
What’s incredible about the golf course is the seven miles of beach that lie on
both sides. Atlantic on one side, the Sea of Abaco on the other, both offering very
different and stunning views to take in while you play. If you’ve dreamt about
vacationing on a deserted island, this is pretty darn close!

You can have your choice of home sites, cottages, and beach bungalows.
There’s something for everyone. I can’t wait to see what Baker’s Bay holds for
my family!

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