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Le-Vel Introduces Thrive Café

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DALLAS, Oct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ –The biggest thing to happen to coffee just hit the market … but it’s not coffee. Le-Vel Brands, the world leader in human nutritional innovation, is thrilled to announce the launch of Thrive Café Premium Coffee Beverage in Creamy Mocha flavor. Thrive Café isn’t coffee; it’s a premium mocha-flavored beverage designed to be a more …

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Learn to Lead

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In the following writings, I will be delivering a three-part series discussing the important aspects of leadership. Every team needs a great leader! To be a successful leader you MUST be able to identify yourself as a leader and the qualities that make you successful in that role. It is time you learn what type of leader you’re going to …

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3 Tips to Building Your Business From Scratch

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As Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, famously said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” If you have any testimonials, study them! What were the things about you that people value the most?! Observe the exact phrases people use when talking about you. Oftentimes, these are precisely the phrases you should use when …

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5 Steps to Achieving Anything

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5 Steps to Achieving Anything Mindset – Becoming unstoppable, having a level of mental resiliency that is unbeatable is HUGE at the end of the day! People don’t live life as it is . . . they live life as THEY are! If you work on your mindset it will give you the mental strength to handle what it takes to …

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Cloud-Based Technology and Customer Acquisition Power Le-Vel’s Explosive Growth

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Direct Selling News Company Focus Cloud-Based Technology and Customer Acquisition Power Le-Vel’s Explosive Growth by Angela E. Soper Click here to order the September 2017 issue in which this article appeared or click here to download it to your mobile device. Celebrating its fifth anniversary, Le-Vel Brands is the proverbial train barreling through the direct selling terrain as it picks up speed with new …

LV Hurricane Harvey Initiative

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Since day 1, Le-Vel has been a company about purpose, hope and helping people live the life they deserve; we–as in all Thrivers–have been a vehicle that has helped millions of people get to where they want to be in life. We are launching this initiative to continue that purpose and help the millions of individuals and animals in need, …